Um, we made a new album called Waveless. It pretty much rules in our opinion (wait, should that be opinions? I'm not sure, cause we all share one in this instance). Anyway you should buy it, it's available on cassette and digital from Majestic Litter. If you're super on the fence about whether it's your thing or not, check out our song Golden Age up by the picture of a version of the album art.

We also put out a 7" single in like March or something with Fat Possum. You should probably get that too. 

We also put out a couple albums a couple years ago with Saddle Creek that sound like a completely different band. You probably have those already, yeah?

Oh, and you can join our mailing list if that's your thing. Sorry to keep bothering you, have a nice day, all right?

Oh shit, one more thing, here are some rad and pretty recent videos we made, It's A Shame by Stef (who plays bass and sings in our band) and Daniel (who plays drums) and Numbers by our awesome friend Colin Graham. 


The Actual Band Themselves

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